Want to solve Global Warming with New, Smart, Competitive & Sustainable Solutions ? Want to combine Climate Protection & Business Development ? Welcome to the first-of-its-kind XYDROMARK® International Marketplace.

A first-class Worldwide Ecosystem dedicated to Hydrogen, Renewable Energy & Battery Technologies.

You Are an Investor / Contracting Authority / Project Owner / Prime Contractor…This Marketplace suits to your Needs if you are involved in :

Renewable Energy Projects (Production & Storage)

Smart Mobility Projects (Battery & Hydrogen Technology)

Transport (Buses, Trucks, Forklifts, Cars & Fueling Networks)

Stationary Projects (Smart Buildings, Heavy Industry, Data Centers…)

You Are a Greentech Partner / Innovative Supplier…This Marketplace is Yours if you offer :

Ethical Management & Social Responsibility

Hydrogen & Battery Products, Solutions & Services

Energy Storage Solutions with Environmentally Friendly Components

Safe & Reliable Hydrogen & Battery Products


Promote New Energy Storage Technologies

Address Global Energy & Mobility Challenges

Offer Reliable & Low Carbon Footprint Solutions